Tuesday, 30 October 2012

New Stuff We Dig

I almost gave up on this....

I had just sat down to review Bloodshot Dawn's self-titled offering from earlier in the year and within the first few minutes of "Beckoning Oblivion" I was about to write off the whole album, when I got kicked in the head from this amazingly furious riff, and I sat up and listened again, then I heard another awesome riff, then a killer solo, then I couldn't help myself. I sat down and gave this album another listen. This time a serious listen, like when you're in the record store (kids, there was a time when the ONLY time you could sample amazing music before buying it was in the record store when your buddy was working the counter and there were no other customers) and your buddy has recommended this awesome album from a band you've never heard of but he swears they are better than your current favorite band. more

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Welcome To My World

Tonight is lazy entry night.

I'm exhausted from the 12 hour shift I just finished, all the family has gone to bed and the only thing I actually feel like doing is sleeping for a month. Unfortunately I suffer from a complex disorder which distorts a great deal of my social interaction, and never really gives me any rest. The name of this complex disorder, which appears to be absent from the majority of most people I do have some kind of social interaction with, on one level or another.....guilt. more

Friday, 12 October 2012

Shows We Saw

Tonight was going to be the big night....

Make Them Suffer were going to obliterate my already industrial deafened ears with their awesome brand of blackened deathcore and announce to the world that they are the new force of the underground  metal sound. Alas, it was never meant to be. As soon as we got into the venue, which took 15 minutes of driving around the outer-suburban wastelands of Pakenham to find, we discovered that Make Them Suffer had cancelled, citing illness within their ranks as the culprit.

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. To suggest that I could spend the rest of the evening not thinking about the fact that Make Them Suffer were not playing would be a complete and utter lie. So I had to make a choice right there and then. Do I say goodbye to my hard-earned $10 entry fee and take the gang home and wonder what could have been or do I suck it up and put up with a line-up that would never live up to my lofty expectations? In the end I made the choice that any other fan in my shoes would make. I hadn't heard any of the bands on the bill so my unconquerable musical curiosity won. more

Monday, 8 October 2012

Random Music

Okay, so I've got this blog thing worked out to the point that I can hold a coherent conversation with the "blogasphere" and not get twisted up into a pretzel-shaped donut....

Well, I'm not in the mood to post a review or complain about anything so I'll do the next best thing and post a link to an awesome song. Hopefully someone out there in the blogasphere will like it and say something....more

Saturday, 6 October 2012

New Stuff We Dig

When I was younger I was never a fan of melodic death metal.

I was entirely engrossed in the death/grind sound bands like Napalm Death and Carcass were churning out by the bucket-load. I wasn't interested in anything but absolute brutality in music. That young man's need for the guitars to rip your head off your shoulders is still entrenched in my brain. As with all things, when one reaches a certain age ones needs change.

And so I found myself searching the metal scene more and more for that something special, that awesome blend of head-smashing brutality and my new, more mature musical need to hear awesome music. And so we come to the album at hand, Before The Dawn's latest masterpiece "Rise Of The Phoenix". This album is actually a few months old (released April this year) but as I've said before I have a pile of recent albums I would like to review. more

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Welcome To My World

Wednesday 3rd October

Tonight I can't be bothered.

I get out of the shower after my weekly basketball game, and sit down with my humble blog, fully intending to review some masterpiece I have stashed away on my hard drive since the beginning of the year. As soon as I get comfortable, I have to decide what album to review. Before I even open up the media player, the thought comes to my mind, most of the albums on said hard drive have been listened to a billion times in the past few months, and I really couldn't be bothered listening to them again.

So what do I do? I turn on the internet radio on my humble laptop and hope and pray that some decent metal comes out the other end. This is the problem I have with modern metal, and to a large extent music in general. Of the 90 minutes I've been listening, I've heard one song from a band I've never heard of which merited a search for their material on facebook or youtube, just to ensure I actually did heard a good song. the remaining 85 minutes have been a frustrating glimpse into the current state of our beloved metal scene.

I have some bad news.....more

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

New Stuff We Dig

Tuesday 2nd October

It is a very rare occasion I am really impressed.

I either suffer from a ridiculous superiority complex, or I have really high standards when it comes to music. I guess it has a lot to do with my history, a family immersed in classical music, where everyone learned an instrument. Coming from that background it's very hard to accept rubbish which is in no way musical whatsoever.

The first time I heard Swallow The Sun I was impressed with their peculiar, yet familiar, take on the death/doom sound. That album was their 2007 effort "Hope". The melodic yet brutish urgency of this work surprised me, and I became a fan instantly. I was equally awe struck with their follow up album "New Moon" of 2009, having come to the predetermined assumption that, like all bands who release really good albums, the next effort would be a waste of time. more

Monday, 1 October 2012

Welcome To My World

1 Oct

I've decided to turn this section into my gripes page. This is where I get to yell at the top of my lungs a variety of contemplative pronouncements which will, in all likelihood polarize people away from or possibly closer to my side of the fence. I'm not fully convinced the latter is a good idea, but on we go....

To start off, as much as it really does hurt me to say this, My Dying Bride have become the epitome of cheese.

This is a term I quite commonly use for bands/music that, although well put together and obviously derived from talented musicians, has the consistency and flavor of aforementioned dairy product. You may have guessed I am not a fan of cheese. I enjoy it liberally with my pasta and salad, but by itself it is bland, hard to chew and sits very heavily on my stomach. more

New Stuff We Dig

I'm in the middle of wading through all the new stuff I want to share with the world, and right now I'm at a loss as to which album is more worthy of praise. The solution then springs to mind, I'll prattle on about the album I'm currently torturing my aged eardrums with, which turns out to be Inborn Suffering's "Regression To Nothingness".

I must firstly admit that I hadn't heard about Inborn Suffering prior to listening to this album. This French band has been around since 2002, and only managed to release 1 demo and 1 album prior to "Regression To Nothingness". I am currently wondering about the sanity of the recording industry if for all this time this band has managed to slip beneath the notice of every label on the planet! more