Saturday, 29 September 2012

New Stuff We Dig

If there's one thing that totally drives me crazy when discovering new music its having to wait until the band finishes their album. The tasters that are becoming the norm for pre-promotion of an album are a great idea, but they leave me with such a sick feeling in my gut.

I want so much more than the one song.

Such is the case with Enshine.

This from their youtube page:
Enshine, Jari Lindholm (ex-Slumber/Atoma) project with vocals of S├ębastien Pierre (Inborn Suffering, Fractal Gates, Cold Insight). This track is taken from our upcoming first album, mixed and mastered, just searching for some label soon. We'll compose together by the first days of september a new album. The logo is temporary.

Ignore the fact that there is precious little information that the band has released, I am completely overwhelmed by the two tracks they have showcased. The guitar sound is totally original, very similar to Burzum in its trance-like quality, with the haunting layered sound which Anathema do very well. the structures are straightforward, but that is a good thing. The simplicity of the overall work is engaging and enthralling. Words are not enough to describe the sonic masterpiece these two awesome musicians have created.



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