Tuesday, 30 October 2012

New Stuff We Dig

I almost gave up on this....

I had just sat down to review Bloodshot Dawn's self-titled offering from earlier in the year and within the first few minutes of "Beckoning Oblivion" I was about to write off the whole album, when I got kicked in the head from this amazingly furious riff, and I sat up and listened again, then I heard another awesome riff, then a killer solo, then I couldn't help myself. I sat down and gave this album another listen. This time a serious listen, like when you're in the record store (kids, there was a time when the ONLY time you could sample amazing music before buying it was in the record store when your buddy was working the counter and there were no other customers) and your buddy has recommended this awesome album from a band you've never heard of but he swears they are better than your current favorite band. more

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